35 Full Body Workout guide to muscle building for Beginners

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The Body workouts this eBook will cover.

1. Chest Workout  2. Biceps Workout  3. Triceps Workout  4. Shoulders Workout  5. Back Workout  6. Legs Workout     7. Abs Workout

A total of 35 best workouts for the beginners tried and tested. Now selling at 50% off Rs 199 99 only

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We all know the fact that everyone of  us make an effort to be physically attractive. Wearing the right kind of dresses for different occasions in order to stand out among the crowd is what we all aim for. However no matter how much we can dress up with the perfectly right cologne. The one thing we always carry with us is our body.

Here’s the bottom line. “If you got a fit body and a healthy mind, you can go limitless.”

Since you are on this page. I understand, that you are looking for the right information from the credible source to get that aesthetic body of your dreams. Guess What

Your search Ends here!

Talking about myself, the author of this eBook which you will be reading shortly. I have been into fitness for over 5 years now and just like you, when i started my journey the path for me was not clear at all. I knew what kind of body I wanted but really have no good idea how to achieve it down the line, I didn’t have a proper fitness coach at the gym, even if the coach is present.  They are Big muscle guys with the big fat belly,

Why would I or anyone of you would listen to the Big muscle guy at the gym with bulging belly when your goals is to look muscular from top to bottom not to mention with a well toned abs.

It’s better to take knowledge from the one who actually has the body type which you are aspiring for.  As you are one this page one thing is clear, your mind is hunting for an aesthetic body to move with.

The term Aesthetic  here means a well and beautifully crafted body , A right combination of muscularity and looks.

The eBook which is in pdf format, you are about to read, is the combination of the best workouts to start with as a beginner, which I have personally tried and tested at the beginning of my journey.  As you make your purchase you will be taken through best workout for each body part.

An eBook with detailed workout description with Images, and email support

With the clean images and detailed description for all body parts in one go. You don’t have to go anywhere hopping around the internet. It comes right in front of you. With an add-on of email and workout planner.

                Take your first Step today at half the price Rs 199 99*

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1 review for 35 Full Body Workout guide to muscle building for Beginners

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Great read for beginners like me . workouts are very well explained.

    • Thank you. Glad you liked it

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